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About Cement

Cement is a common and useful binding material in construction, small building projects and around the home and garden. It’s so useful that we always have it in stock. 

The numerous functions of cement include its use in mortar for plastering, masonry work, pointing, and other external building coverings. It is hardwearing and durable and forms a tough outer layer for buildings as part of render.

Cement is also used for making joints for drains and pipes and for making certain structures watertight. Owing to its strength, it is also used when laying concrete floors, for roofs and making lintels, as well as for beams, stairs, pillars and other supporting structures. 

If you need a hard surface outside your home, for a driveway or pathway, then cement will be key in your choice of materials.  Cement can protect exposed surfaces from sunshine and rain, as well as certain organic or inorganic chemicals.

Cement is integral in the preparation of foundations, as well as watertight floors and footpaths. So, if you are renovating your garden and need a hard material, then our cement could be the perfect option.

Cement is a huge part of render that can protect walls and other surfaces from rain, as well as acting as an insulating material. Buildings that look a bit worn or suffer from moisture ingress or crumbling brickwork could benefit from a coat of render. This will improve the aesthetic appearance and functionality of the building, keeping it secure and dry for years to come. And when it comes to choosing a colour for your render, pigment can be added to cement or you can simply paint the render once it’s dry.

As well as general purpose cement, you can also get specialist cements for specific jobs around the house and garden. Jointing cement is perfect for bonding two different materials together and for sealing cracks and gaps. There are also accessories such as mortar plasticiser and coloured elements for all types of jobs.