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Rockin Colour Gravel

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About Rockin Colour Gravel

Gravel serves a variety of purposes around the home and in the garden. It can be used to cover driveways, for pathways or around flower beds to create an eye-catching feature. Gravel comes in all shapes and sizes, with crushed angular gravel and rounded river gravel being just two of the most popular types. 

Different sizes of gravel can be used for different purposes and even cobble is technically a type of gravel. But there is another factor you need to think about besides the size – the colour of the gravel. 

These days you can get gravel in a huge range of colours, including bright blue, red, purple and green. This allows you to create bold garden and outside designs with colours you might not find in the natural palette. 

However, no matter what colour of gravel you choose, you need to think about a couple of things. First, the thickness of the gravel that you lay down - if the gravel is going to be used over a large area, and then it will need to be of a certain thickness or it can reveal empty patches when dislodged. Second, you also may require an underlayer to prevent weed growth and ensure that your gravelled area keeps its clean-cut good looks for longer. 

So, before you make your choice of coloured gravel, you should think about the size and shape of the space that needs covering. Think about the tone and colour scheme and whether it will suit its environment. You should also think about how much you will need and what size is best for your needs. Gravel doesn’t have to be boring any more. It can be bold, vibrant and exciting. 

Check out our range of colours and bag sizes, or mix and match to create a colour scheme that draws the eye across your exterior space. Remember that coloured gravel is also a low maintenance alternative to having a lawn. It doesn’t need watering or trimming and maintains its look for long periods, meaning you can enjoy your garden for years to come.