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Mulch and Barks

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About Mulch and Barks

Most homeowners with any outside space dream of having a beautiful garden. However, one thing stands in most people’s way: the hours of hard work it takes to get your garden looking even remotely pleasing. But that’s not the whole story. Because even when you spend hours creating raised beds, rockery areas or herbaceous borders, a little rain and sunshine later and it’s all covered with weeds. 

You can’t blame nature, this is simply what happens. Seeds lie dormant in the soil, blow in on the wind or simply spread from other areas and before you know it, your beautifully and painstakingly created garden space is covered with weeds. 

The trick is to keep on top of weeds little and often, a few minutes every day means you can pull out weeds when they are small and weak before they get big and take over. Of course, finding the time to do this every day is easier said than done, especially in the autumn and winter when the days are shorter and it’s dark when you get home from work. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful garden to enjoy all year round. 

The simple solution to weeds is to not allow them to grow or bed in in the first instance. To do this you need to cover your soil with an organic material that keeps moisture in and prevents weeds from taking root. Bark and bark chippings are a natural solution to weeds, and one that looks just as aesthetically pleasing as clean soil. Placing bark and bark chippings on your soil retains moisture and prevents the ground from drying out and also acts as a barrier, preventing the sun from reaching weeds and helping them to grow. 

What’s more, over time the bark chippings will break down and create more soil, adding nutrients to the ground that plants can feed off. It’s a perfect natural solution and one that involves little time and effort to achieve big results. 

Bark and bark chippings, as well as finer mulches, are available from Quarry Store in a range of sizes. From fine mulch for creating richer soils to thick bark for large borders, you can feed your garden and keep it looking beautiful for months on end. No more hours spent just keeping up with weeding, just rich, moist and healthy soils for years to come.