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75 Litre Bark Chips

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A 10 to 30mm, screened, quality mini chipped bark from sustainable resources. 

Mini Chipped Bark:-

  • Suppresses most weed growth
  • Retains moisture
  • Is safe and hygienic for play areas
  • Provides insulation for delicate roots
  • Is an attractive mulch around flower-beds & borders

Clover Bark chips can be used as a Play Bark 

A Clover Product. 

Other useful products to enhance soil condition include Irish peat moss, horticultural sand and manure.


Supplied in a 75 Litre Bag

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Note: Quarrystore recommends a minimum depth of 50mm for flowerbeds, paths and driveways. If you are topping up existing gravel, we recommended a minimum depth of 25mm.