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Natural Stone Paving

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About Natural Stone Paving

The patio is a place of relaxation, a place where you can go to soak up some summer sun and make the most of the those long balmy evenings. But you need to make sure that the materials you use reflect this ambience of relaxation and calm. When it comes to planning a patio, the choice of slabs is arguably the most important element. It doesn’t help that the choices are almost endless.  

In general, concrete paving slabs are at the more affordable end of the market and natural stone paving is more expensive. But for that extra money you get the benefit of having a natural material under your feet and one which will age better with time. However, there are a number of other reasons why choosing natural stone paving is a good idea.

Natural stone paving almost always looks better than the equivalent concrete paving slabs. Sure, modern day concrete slabs certainly can look very good, but it’s hard to match the beauty of natural stone. Each stone slab is unique in its pattern, creating a unique character. Natural stone also ages better than concrete, looking even better as time goes by. 

What’s more, natural stone paving is extremely durable. These slabs of hardened minerals have been forming for millions of years. This makes them able to withstand the elements and also means they’re low maintenance. Once laid, natural stone will last for an incredibly long time and maintain its elegant finish. Natural stone paving is also easy to clean and can be pressure washed without the loss of colour. 

Plus, natural stone is one of the most sustainable building products available and is more environmentally friendly than concrete slabs. Although it takes millions of years to form, stone is in abundance on the planet and quarrying it is often a relatively straightforward process. So, as you can see, there are many good reasons for choosing natural stone for your patio area or garden. And with such a big choice of finishes and styles, you could totally transform your relaxed outside space.