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About Play Products

Recycled rubber chippings and bark make an excellent choice for safer surfacing in private gardens and commercial playgrounds where children and other people can be at risk of falling or injury. Rubber chippings and play products are supplied in bulk bags of different sizes and can be easily spread across required areas to specific depths for safer play.

Our range of play products are a great solution for play areas, landscaping, weed control, chicken and ducks runs, bowling greens, and plenty of other external areas where soft and safe surfaces are required.

Specialised play products work better than some other lose materials because these may displace during use. It is also recommended that wherever an impact-absorbing surface is required, the depth of the material is increased accordingly. In most cases, raking is recommended to maintain the desired thickness. 

Our play products have a number of key benefits. They are safe for children, providing a soft and safe surface for them to play and fall without any serious injuries. Our range of play products are also clean to use, so they will not stain clothes or skin during use. They’re long lasting too, with an average life span of 10+ years, and they are suitable for all weather play. So, whether the sun’s shining or it’s drizzling, our play products always remain the same. They don’t freeze and they don’t melt and there is no wear or any other material that could be potentially risky to children. 

Our play products are the perfect solution for outdoor spaces where caution and safety are primary concerns. They come in a range of bright colours and work well in gardens, schools and nurseries. They can be easily spread and bought in desired bulk quantities, depending on your space. As well as rubber chips, we also stock bark chips for areas under playgrounds and around other children’s areas. 

Health and safety are vital, especially when it comes to children, but there’s nothing to say you can’t create a safe environment that also looks great too.