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Dry Dash Render

Product Code: ambermarble
Amber Marble will give a light, gold colour when used with Y3 sand and white cement. this is a soft colour and will blend well with most brick and natural or reconstituted stone. When used with Y2 sand it is much richer and deeper in colour and will blend well with brick or stand out on its own..
Ex Tax:£13.80
Product Code: beigemarble
Beige Marble is a very popular finish for both one off houses and developments. When combined with brick or natural stone beige marble dash looks particularly well and it can also be used for complementing sandstone. When used with Y3 sand and white cement it gives a soft beam finish. When used..
Ex Tax:£187.50
Product Code: blackdrydash
Black Granite Dash is a fine black stone that provides a reflective sparkle in direct sunlight. Black Granite is typically used with granite sand and grey cement to give a brighter background colour, allowing the black to stand out against it. ..
Ex Tax:£141.67
Product Code: 22IDNFFD
New Forest Flint when used with building sand and grey cement will produce a subtle golden brown finish. This finish is very popular in rural areas. When used with Y2 or Y3 sand and white cement it will produce a warmer, more golden finish. These finishes look particularly good when combined with br..
Ex Tax:£137.50
Product Code: peach marble
Peach Marble is a small cut stone that is pale yellow/golden in colour with peach undertones. This can be used with Y2 or Y3 sand and white cement ..
Ex Tax:£262.50
Product Code: pearlgrey
Pearl Grey Marble consists of light blue and grey coloured chips. Different sand and cement combinations can be used to alter the tone of the finish. Most commonly used with granite sand and grey cement, however it can be used with combinations of building sand, silver sand and grey or white cement...
Starting From £240.00
Ex Tax:£200.00
Product Code: Saffronquartz
Saffron Quartz is a small, naturally rounded dash with pale cream and peach tones. Usually paired with either Y2 or Y3 sand and white cement to give a very attractive finish for any house. This blends in very well with sandstone. ..
Ex Tax:£270.83
Product Code: scottishred
Ex Tax:£175.00
Product Code: silvergranitedash
Silver Granite will produce a light grey finish with a much better consistency of colour than slap dash. The natural mica in the stone provides a reflective sparkle in direct sunlight. This is often paired with granite sand for the additional sparkle and life added to the overall finish. Altern..
Starting From £220.00
Ex Tax:£183.33
Product Code: silversand
Starting From £170.00
Ex Tax:£141.67
Product Code: y2sand
Starting From £150.00
Ex Tax:£125.00
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