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Brand: Accura Product Code: 22TTDH300
Undisputedly the fastest blade for hard materials. Shark-tooth shaped segments and improved bond means this blade is extremely fast and precise. 15mm Segment Height with laser welded segments. High quality core blade with cooling holes for optimal performance and reduced noise. Suitable for a w..
Ex Tax:£116.00
Brand: Accura Product Code: 22TTCS300
Entry level concrete blade designed for cutting concrete products and light stone products like limestone. Capable of cutting some granite and reinforced concrete occasionally. 10mm Segment with 35% diamond concentration. ..
Ex Tax:£30.00
Brand: Accura Product Code: 22TTSBS300
10mm Turbo Segmented blade that offers free, clean and precise cutting in granite, stone and concrete. This blade provides a great return on value to performance ratio. Not recommended for cutting asphalt or green concrete under 72hours. ..
Ex Tax:£46.00
Brand: Accura Product Code: Premporcelainblade
1.4mm ultra-thin Turbo continuous blade for fast cutting of porcelain tiles and other hard products that require an excellent level of finish with reduced chipping. This blade has cooling holes to air cooling of the core. The core is assisted with a reinforced flange preventing loss of tension ..
Starting From £90.00
Ex Tax:£75.00
Brand: Accura Product Code: Turboblade
Non chip continuos rim 1.2mm thin and very fast cutting. This blade gives and excellent finish with a long life due to micron diamond mesh. Cooling holes provide cooling while the reinforced centre provides stability. This blade works very well on porcelain, ceramic, natural stone and some marbles.&..
Starting From £36.00
Ex Tax:£30.00
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