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Dry Dash Render

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About Dry Dash Render

Dry dash render is a rendering technique that is traditionally used to provide a tough and long-lasting exterior finish to wall surfaces. It is also a cost-effective choice, making it a popular long-term solution for many home owners. 

Dry dash comprises pre-washed and screened dashing aggregate that comes in different colours and sizes. These are blended with a specially formulated, coloured polymer-enriched mortar cement. This means it offers a much-improved surface finish than traditional cements and mortars that use just sand and cement. 

Dry dash is sold pre-batched mixes that only require application to a suitably prepared surface. It comes in a choice of colours including grey, white, red, pink, yellow, cream and more. Other shades can be made to order according to preferred colour schemes. Stones can also be graded at different sizes to create a different final finish on exterior walls. 

Once mixed with water, the material is applied onto a prepared substrate surface, ideally treated with a base coat. Using a steel trowel, it can be applied at a rate of about 6 to 8 kilograms per square metre. The dry dash is then cast into the mortar as it dries and is still in a plastic state to achieve a uniform appearance. Ideally temperatures should not fall below 5˚C while the material dries, and it takes around 24 hours to be sufficiently cured. The lower the temperature, the longer the drying time. Dashing in wet conditions can also cause some discolouration. 

With such a variety of colours and dash sizes available, you can select a dry dash that suits your building or project. With long-lasting protection against the elements that far outstrips that of regular sand cement or lime mortar, it’s no surprise that dry dash render has been and remains a popular choice with home owners. With no need for painting and a long-lasting and durable finish, this could be the perfect solution to all your exterior wall needs. Check out our range of dry dash to see what’s available.