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About Paving Products

Paving has a multitude of uses in the garden. From creating large patio or terrace spaces to making paths, edges or even walling, there is a huge variety of paving materials available at Quarry Store. But let’s start from the bottom.

Before you lay any paving stones, you need to make sure the ground is prepared. That means making sure it is flat and level, free from any bumpy rocks or tree roots. This might involve some digging or even minor landscaping work. You also need to consider where the water run-off will go. If you’re paving an area next to the house, you need to remember to angle any paving away from buildings or in such a way that rain water is removed from close to the building as swiftly as possible. This might involve laying drains or run off channels before you start paving.

Once your ground is prepared, you need to use a layer of paving sand to help create a secure base for your paving stones. This should be thick enough to allow for small adjustments to be made to levels but not so thick that the stones are not secured. Lay your stones and check the levels to ensure the paving is flat (or slightly angled to allowed for water run off, as mentioned above). Once you are happy with the levels of all your stones, you can secure them using specialised paving slab mortar. You can use self curing mortar for most small gaps, meaning you don’t have to spend time making a wet mix of mortar or cement. With the addition of moisture, self curing mortar will fuse paving slabs together to make a solid paved area or pathway. 

Here at Quarry Store we specialise in all sorts of stone paving, from cheap paving options through to high-end cut stone. Whether it’s slabs or cobbles, sand or walling, kerbs or edging, whatever your garden paving needs, we can supply it. Our paving is also available in a range of colours, so you can create a bright and coherent garden design.

From crazy paving to traditional paving, gravel to circle slate, we are one of the UK’s leading garden stone and paving suppliers. Browse through our selection of paving stones and slabs, or get in touch with a member of our team if you have any questions. You can call, email or use the chat option on our website.