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Decorative Gravel

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About Decorative Gravel

Decorative gravel is a popular sustainable alternative to a lawn and a useful solution for dozens of other landscape problems around the home. Gravel has long been in use for surfacing open spaces in gardens and around flower beds. Coloured gravel is also a low-maintenance alternative to grass, as it does not need watering or trimming and maintains its good looks for long periods with little to no work involved. 

Decorative gravel is used to create unique designs, to save water and eliminate high-maintenance lawns. However, before you decide on gravel, there are a number of key factors you need to think about.


Gravel comes in a number of different types. One of the most common is crushed gravel, which is made by crushing large rocks in a quarry environment down to a certain size. River run gravel is naturally occurring, its rounded shape caused by many years of water erosion. Cobble is also a type of gravel by technical definition, but it’s used in a different way. 


As well as different shapes and sizes, gravel also comes in a range of colours. There are many to choose from to compliment your garden design scheme. Light and dark gravels are available, each offering different design features. Some gravel even has a jewel-like quality.


You also need to consider how thickly your gravel will be laid. If it is going to cover a large area, then it will need to be of a certain thickness or it can begin to look a little thin and stretched. You may also require an underlayer to block weed growth and ensure that your gravelled area looks better for longer. 

These are all factors you need to think about before making your decorative gravel choice. Consider the size and shape of your space to be gravelled. Would it look better with a dark or bright colour? Do you want crushed or rounded gravel? And how deep will it need to be to achieve a good coverage? Rest assured, whatever you need, we’ve got it covered in our range.