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Decorative Stones

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About Decorative Stones

A really beautiful outside space is one that uses a variety of materials. As well as organic matter such as plants, shrubs and trees, you should ideally mix in treated wood, metal and stone. Decorative garden stone has a multitude of purposes in the garden. From creating rockeries to building walls for raised beds, using stone adds an element of permanence and solidity.

Stone can also make a very effective flooring or pathway material. It is very hardwearing and flexible, from large paving stones cut to size to gravel that can be used to fill any size or space. 

Of course, not all stone is the same and the decorative stone from Quarrystore comes in a range of different sizes, shapes and colours. You can choose everything from 10–12mm pink gravel to large 40mm plum slate. Pick stone that fits with the natural colour palate and hues of your garden to create a beautiful exterior space. Use stones as a weed barrier for herbaceous borders or as a drive or pathway covering. Here at Quarry Store we also stock gravel stabilising matting, meaning you won’t lose the majority of your material, even on slopes. 

We also stock a range of colourful stone to help really brighten up your outside space. From bright greens to chili reds and blues, add a splash of colour to your garden path or patio. You can buy gravel in small or large quantities and you can use our aggregate calculator to help you find out how much you need. 

As well as gravel, you can get pebbles and cobbles to add another dimension or for a more stable path or driveway. Again, there’s a huge selection to choose from including Scottish beach and polished pebbles. Have a look at our selection of natural paving stones too, ideal for creating easy to care for pathways across your garden space. We also stock a range of feature stones to add a real talking point to your outside space. 

One of the main benefits of using stone is that it only looks better with age and weathering. Once the stone beds in and settles in the space, it begins to look like it’s always been there. So why not add another dimension to your outside space with some natural or colourful decorative stone from Quarrystore? As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of natural stone, we can help you rock your garden.